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Those looking for an accurate, versatile, and effective yet simple to use tool for boiler heat transfer calculations look no further.
Our unique Boiler Design Software has been developed to carry out just that, and it does it online in a simple and user friendly
way. What had been a domain of few dedicated experts and professional organizations is now available to the interested public.
Rather to pay large amounts to external experts or spend thousands of $ for a dedicated software and bear with frequent
updates and bug fixes, the interested public now has access to such a software for a moderate payment.

The software covers next to all commercially available boilers on market (save for few bespoke designs selling in small numbers
as well condensing boilers) and allows an accurate prediction of boiler performance for any:
  • fossil fuel (solid, liquid and gaseous) or waste heat;
  • size (from smaller domestic boiler up to largest boilers found in power plants);
  • design (fire tube and water tube) and type (hot water or steam).

The software provides assistance in process of designing new boilers and evaluation of the existing ones from the heat transfer
point of view. Impact of boiler internal geometry and operating parameters on performance can be quickly and accurately
determined. User solely needs to come up with a basic boiler design and in matter of seconds software delivers boiler’s output for
a given fuel and operating parameters along with a detailed heat transfer analysis of each boiler segment such as furnace
(combustion chamber), tubes, superheater, economizer etc.

Boiler internal design and operating parameters can be simply and quickly changed until required specifications are met. Once
tedious and long process now takes just a few minutes. The software makes the boiler design related job easier and faster while
results are more accurate and reliable. This way boiler sort of operates “on screen” and is manufactured once its design is
deemed final. Data input process is simple and intuitive and no special training required for the skilled in the art. Help is available
in terms of Samples that serve as Tutorial for user to become familiar with the Software in a very short time.

There is Forum for users to exchange their experiences and get mutual assistance.

Upon having entered the input data click on Calculation button starts the calculation process. Note that Calculation button works
only if time was purchased (an alert is displayed if not). However, by clicking any of Sample calculations data entry fields are filled
with preset data, calculations are launched and results displayed. Click on Reset button clears all fields and new set of data can
be entered (
see General instructions here).

Important hints:
  • Use realistic boiler geometry and operating parameters as unrealistic data may result in a never ending loop requiring
    page reload and by that loss of session.
  • It is recommended to start calculations with fuel rate for nominal boiler load or little above and then gradually reduce it to
    simulate part load conditions (in most cases simulations with down to 75% work fine).

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